Six Days of Dortmund - TR

Germany, November 2-7, 2000 

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Day 1 - November 2

Zabel and Aldag after night one

The substantial crowd at the Dortmund Six were given something to cheer about on night one after roadies Erik Zabel and Rolf Aldag finished in the leader's position. Winners of this race in 1996, the pair took a lap out of the field, with only Australian Olympic gold medallists, Scott McGrory and Brett Aitken able to follow. In third place with the most points were the Italian Silvio Martinello and German Robert Bartko. 

The two leading teams set up their position after winning the first madison of the night, the Grosse REWE-Preis, a one hour event. Matthew Gilmore (5th overall) won the first heat of the Derny Welt Pokal, while Stefan Steinweg won the next from Aitken and De Wilde. Gilmore and Guido Fulst, his partner, won the team elimination race. 


1 Erik Zabel/Rolf Aldag (Ger)                   47 pts

2 Brett Aitken/Scott Mcgrory (Aus)              34

1 lap behind:

3 Silvio Martinello (Ita)/Robert Bartko (Ger)   51

4 Jimmi Madsen (Den)/Andreas Beikirch (Ger)     48

5 Matthew Gilmore (Bel)/Guido Fulst (Ger)       37

6 Stefan Steinweg/Erik Weispfennig (Ger)        33

7 Etienne Dewilde (Bel)/Marco Villa (Ita)       31

8 Bruno Risi/Kurt Betschart (Swi)               31

9 Danny Stam/Robert Slippens (Ned)              1

3 laps behind:

10 Lars Teutenberg/Ronny Lauke (Ger)            10

4 laps behind:

11 Gerd Dörich/Mario Vonhof (Ger)               6

12 Alexander Fedenko/Vasyl Yakovlev (Ukr)       1

5 laps behind:

13 Frank Kowatschitsch/Jan Schaffrath (Ger)     18

6 laps behind:

14 Jens Lehmann/Sebastian Siedler (Ger)         3


Night one of the motorpaced event saw Italian Champion Sabino Cannone (behind Dieter Durst) finish on top after two heats. He scored a first and a fourth, to be aheads of German Stefan Klare, winner of the second heat. Motorpace specialists, Carsten Podlesch behind Bruno Walrave managed 3rd and 5th on the first night. 


1 Sabino Cannone (Ita)

2 Stefan Klare (Ger)

3 Carsten Podlesch (Ger)

Grosser Maxim-Preis 

The Slovakian combination of Martin Liska and Josef Zabka took the lead after the first night of the Grosser Maxim-Preis, a madison of 45 minutes. They couldn't manage to gain a lap, and were ahead of Germans Mathias Kahl/Christian Lademann and Belgians Luc De Duytsche/Jürgen Vermeersch by the end. 


1 Martin Liska/Josef Zabka (Svk)

2 Mathias Kahl/Christian Lademann (Ger)

3 Luc De Duytsche/Jürgen Vermeersch (Bel)

Results courtesy of the Union International des Velodromes

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