Six Days Dortmund

Oct. 28 - Nov. 2, 1999

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Night 4 - October 31


Standings after four nights:

1 Silvio Martinello (Ita) - Rolf Aldag (Ger)            272 points
2 Bruno Risi (Swi) - Kurt Betschart (Swi)               232

Two laps behind:
3 Robert Bartko (Ger) - Scott McGrory (Aus)             267
4 Jimmi Madsen (Den) - Andreas Beikirch (Ger)           258
5 Andreas Kappes (Ger) - Olaf Pollack (Ger)             163

Seven laps behind:
6 Christian Lademann (Ger) - Stefan Steinweg (Ger)      155

Eleven laps behind:
7 Matthew Gilmore (Bel) - Etienne Dewilde (Bel)         79 

Twelve laps behind:
8 Lars Teutenberg (Ger) - Christian Weber (Swi)         107

Sixteen laps behind:
9 Marco Villa (Ita) - Ronny Lauke (Ger)                 45 
10 Juan Curuchet (Arg) - Gabriel Curuchet (Arg)         31 

Eighteen laps behind:
11 Frank Kowatschitsch (Ger) - Erik Weispfennig (Ger)   93 

Nineteen laps behind:
12 Gerd Dörich (Ger) - Mario Vonhof (Ger)               72 

Twenty seven laps behind:
13 Alexander (Ukr) Fedenko - Vasyl Yakovlev (Ukr)       31 

Forty seven laps behind:
14 Isaac Galvez (Spa) - Capilla Gonzalez (Spa)          35 

Stayers competition 

While Grenoble offers the sprinters as "fillers" (well, maybe a little more than that!), Dortmund takes to the stayers for some variation in the entertainment. After nine contests behind the big motorcycles, German World Champion Carsten Podlesch are even with Swiss Hans-Kurt Brand on 45 points/ 

In an interview for the German site Radsport Erik Weispfennig tells a little about the working day of the six days rider. Here's the normal schedule: 

12:00 Rising and breakfast
13:00 Massage
14:00 A walk or a little rolling on the track.
16:00 Lunch followed by rest.
19:00 Into the hall, a cup of coffee and some preparations for the evening with the team mate and then racing.
1:00 Racing over, back to the hotel, a meal, a chat with the others, maybe a beer, and then to bed.