Jimmi Madsen from Denmark won the European Championship behind derny in Amsterdam.

Jimmi Madsen from Denmark won the first official European Championship behind the dernys, organized by the track in Amsterdam-Sloten with authorisation from the European Cycling Federation (UEC). No big surpise because Madsen has allready a reputation as one of the best dern-riders from the 6-days and from Open des Nations in Pasis. With pacemaker Bruno Walrave from Holland he won a convincing victory 40 meters in front of German rider Stefan Steinweg and Matthew Gilmore from Belgium. Seven riders had qualified for the final over 30 km.

European Championship behind derny,
Sunday 7th May 2000 in Amsterdam-Sloten,
Finale – 30 km:
1 Jimmi Madsen (DEN), pacer: Bruno Walrave (NED)
2 Stefan Steinweg (GER), pacer: Peter Bauerlein (GER), - 40 meters
3 Matthew Gilmore (BEL), pacer: Joop Zeilaard (NED)
4 Robert Slippens (NED), pacer: Sam Mooy (NED), at 1 lap
5 Patrick Kops (NED), pacer: Willem Fack (NED), at 5 laps
6 Mario Vonhof (GER), pacer: Helmuth Bauer (GER), at 5 laps
7 Etienne Dewilde (BEL), pacer: Jos de Bakker (BEL), at 7 laps